Liberty, justice for all not accomplished

To the Editor,

Once again I am disappointed to think our State Senator Steve Huffman, in 2020, would not be more attuned to the nuances of language when it comes to race — especially with all the present, well-deserved attention to racism and its harmful effects.

I was first disappointed in the late 1970’s to hear a local merchant, who is no longer here, say Tipp is a nice town; there are no “colored people” here. I let him know we enjoy and value diversity.

As a child growing up in East Tennessee in the 1950’s, I was shocked one Sunday to hear our Baptist preacher say he would remove any “colored people ” that tried to enter our church. My family was appalled, but we didn’t speak up.

As beneficiaries of white privilege, I think we have an important responsibility, to not only speak up and stand against racism and discrimination, but to be knowledgeable and sensitive to our history of race relations.

For years I have been unable to say the Pledge, because sadly, I don’t see “liberty and justice for all.”

— Larry Brown

Tipp City