BOE to add security features

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Board of Elections is seeking to expend the rest of its state security funds on physical improvements of its office.

On Wednesday, Deputy Director Ian Ridgeway reported to the commissioners that it was the recommendation of the Secretary of State and Department of Homeland Security to upgrade a door and place protective film on the glass windows. Ridgeway said the board of elections has approximately $15,000 left of its security upgrade program funds.

The board was granted $30,000 total for security upgrades as a pilot program for the state, one of three counties selected by the state.

Ridgeway said a steel grade door was approximately $6,000 including installation. Commissioners requested Ridgeway to seek a quote for a solid wood door or one with a wood veneer to keep with the aesthetics of the historic courthouse. The protective film is to contain glass shards should a window be damaged by weather or a potential break-in.

The commissioners accepted a quote from River Valley Security Systems Inc., Piqua, and authorized the board of elections to purchase and have installed a security system in the amount of $1,850 plus one year of monitoring at a cost of $30 per month, with total cost not to exceed $2,210, utilizing grant funds provided from the Ohio Secretary of State.

Last February, the elections board approved to contract with River Valley Security, a local vendor, for security system installation and service.

The company was recommended by the county’s IT department and the equipment can be re-installed at a new office location.