Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Keara Strayer, Scott Strayer to Linhang Ren, one lot, $198,000.

Lois Northup to Kevin Northup, Melinda Northup, one lot, $0.

Linda Slonaker Revocable Living Trust, U.S. Bank N.A. to A Squared plus B Squared Holdings, $90,000.

Star Bank N.A., Troy Foundation, U.S. Bank, trustee to A Squared plus B Squared Holdings, one lot, $90,000.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Brooklyn Fondriest, Daniel Fondriest, one lot, $363,700.

Judith Long, Robert Long to Donna Shiltz, Gary Shiltz, a part lot, $30,000.

Kathleen Moore to Kathleen Moore Trust, $0.

Matthew Denius to Matthew Denius, Amanda Feltner, two part lots, $0.

Bogle Investments to Ashley Sherry, one lot, $287,000.

Andy Baldasare, Tiffany Baldasare to Jack Blacketer, Tonia Blacketer, one lot, $180,000.


Elinor Gattshall Declaration of Trust, Janet McGraw, successor trustee to Barton McGraw, Jonathan McGraw, two part lots, $0.

Edward Baker Jr. to Evelyn Smith, one lot, $85,500.

Brad Bruskotter, Kara Bruskotter, Kara Develvis to Madisyn Pieper, one lot, $151,300.

Krista Beard, Krista Westfall to Keith Westfall, one lot, $0.

Debbie Milligan to Benanzer Development VI, two lots, $45,400.

J.D. Sullenberger to Krista Westfall, a part lot, $46,500.

Richard Caserta, Tamera Caserta to Brandi Craft, David Shelby, a part lot, $81,000.

Peggy Jean Jess, attorney in fact, Helen Lange, Philip Lange Sr., to Helen Lange, one lot, $0.

Peggy Jean Jess, attorney in fact, Helen Lange, Philip Lange Sr., to Helen Lange Irrevocable Trust, Peggy Jess, co-trustee, George lane, co-trustee, $0.

Ronald Miller, Tina Miller to Sea Ventures LLC, a part lot, $106,500.


Patricia Bowman, Thomas Cromwell to Alan Knight, two lots, one part lot, $39,000.


Lear Property Group to Anthony Hickman, Emma Hickman, three lots, $164,900.

Julie Barlage, Robert Barlage, Sheila FIsher, Allison Heitkamp, Amanda Heitkamp, Bruce Heitkamp, Curtis Heitkamp, Frank Heitkamp Jr., Heidi Heitkamp, Lori Heitkamp to End Zone Properties, nine lots, $0.


Estate of Elizabeth Kiser, Anne Rettig, executor to Thomas Kiser Special Needs Trust, $0.

John Hicks, Robin Hicks to Jennifer Stevens, a part lot, $185,000.

Bradley Investment Properties to Brandye Bradley, one lot, $145,000.

Eric Burris, Tanya Burris to Sarah Ashburn, one lot, $95,000.

Heather Zweizig, Jonathan Sweizig to Heather Zweizig, Jonathan Zweizig, one lot, $0.


Aaron Horn, Bethany Horn to Katherine Pope, Keith Rose, 2.518 acres, $271,000.


Jeffrey Manuel, Misty Manuel to Matthew Biggs, Pamela Biggs, one lot, $268,000.

Jeffrey Evers to N. Mayreen Fischvogt, Fischvogt Family Revocable Living Trust, one lot, $140,000.

Jon Glaser, Tonya Glaser to Glaser Family Revocable Living Trust, 1.987 acres, $0.


Abram Metzger, Laura Metzger to Weston Rapp, one lot, $139,900.


Karen Hess, Richard Hess to Karen Hess, Richard Hess, 20.672 acres, $0.


Sullenberger Properties to Jack Schmiesing, 0.717 acre, $149,000.

Jo Ella Michael, Richard Michael to Courtney Thorn, Joshua Thorn, 3.037 acres, $175,000.


Estate of Susan Felger to Arline Fuhr, $0.


Kimmel Ohio to Steven Tremper, Yasmin Tremper, 1.773 acres, $167,500.