The Trojan Horse set for weekend opening

TROY — The Trojan Horse, a new specialty pizza and sub shop, will open on the south side of Troy this weekend. Located at 1469 S. Market St., the restaurant is owned and operated by Troy residents Mike and Jennifer Blankenship.

The restaurant will be open Friday, from 4 to 10 p.m., for online ordering, drive-thru, carry out, and DoorDash delivery. According to the Blankenships, it’s possible the restaurant may open its doors a day early, but Friday is set as the official opening.

To follow restaurant updates, visit The Trojan Horse Troy on Facebook. The store’s phone number is 937-552-7005.

According to Mike, The Trojan Horse is about “more than just pizza,” and will serve as a coffee shop, as well.

“(Jennifer and I) had really thought about opening up a coffee drive-thru and it just never came to fruition,” Blankenship said. “When the prior business in this location, which has a drive-thru, had to close down, we thought we could use it.”

The previous business also left behind pizza ovens and prep tables, Blankenship said, and given that his wife is a former Domino’s Pizza franchisee, paired with the fact that he has a background in restaurants and marketing, the couple decided to “jump in feet first.”

Blankenship said the restaurant will open in “phases,” and will operate in accordance with COVID-19 regulations. All orders will be “to go” until the fourth week of opening.

“Phase one will be this first weekend, and we’ll be opened from 4 to 10 p.m., and we’ll offer a limited menu of pizzas, bread sticks, garlic sticks, and cinnamon bread,” he said. “The second week, we’ll offer subs, tenderloins and hoagies, and we will also be opened for lunch.”

Week three, the restuarant will be opened for breakfast and coffee, Blankenship said. Breakfast will consist of breakfast pizzas and calzones. For the fourth week, the dining room will open.

Blankenship said he hopes to provide quality food and a welcoming atmosphere.

“We want to be a new Troy tradition,” he said. “We want people to come here and feel comfortable here. We’re not going to be a five star restaurant, but we want to be one where people come and say, ‘Hey, the food was great and we really felt comfortable.’”

Blankenship, a longtime truck driver, said he has left his former job to begin this new venture, something he and Jennifer have looked forward to doing together.

“We’re excited about doing this,” he said. “We want to be more than just a pizza place and we’re hoping we can connect well with the community and bring something nice to the table.”