Vote my Schilling for city council

To the Editor:

Hi! My name is Aleah Miller, and I am going to tell you why I think my Pop-Pop (Jeff Schilling) should be in Troy City Council. One of the things I think will make my Pop-Pop a good City Council representative is that my Pop-Pop encourages idea sharing and believes that anyone can have a voice to share ideas to make Troy better.

Your ideas and my Pop-Pop’s ideas will make Troy a better place! My Pop-Pop has lived in Troy for a long time so I know he loves Troy, and he wants YOU to love Troy, too! I LOVE going golfing with him in the summers. I also love going to K’s with him when my family visits him. But those are only some of the reasons why my Pop-Pop should be in Troy City Council! I hope you vote for him!

— Aleah Miller

Age 9