Furlong takes reigns as THS student body president

By Mollie Bretland

For Miami Valley Today

TROY — The Troy High School student body recently elected a new president — outgoing Junior, Ella Furlong.

Furlong has been settling into her new position and developing her future plans for the high school since the results of the election were released on Friday, April 12.

“I think THS is fantastic,” Furlong said, “but I’d love to see the student government more involved and more diverse. I hope to encourage more people to run for government and see all of THS become more represented. I’d love to see more community involvement through the school, as well”.

Furlong revealed that much of her Trojan spirit has been inspired by past student body presidents that she has looked up to during her years at Troy. However, while compassion for the high school has remained constant, the campaign process this year has been unique.

The idea of an interactive campaign has been foreign to Troy High School since around the year 2010. This year, candidates Ella Furlong and Kate Orban reintroduced the phenomenon.

“Because this was so new to the students, the campaign process felt like the entire student body was involved, not just the two candidates. I’m very glad to have gotten to run against someone who was just as passionate as me,” Furlong said.


the coming year, Furlong hopes to offer the student body as many opportunities to create lasting memories as possible, but most importantly, she hopes to promote a feeling of unity among the student body.

“I will do the best I can to give a voice to everyone,” she said. “I want them to know we’re all in this together.”