In their words: Easter celebrated

PIQUA — Family and friends gather together every year in preparation and celebration of Easter, and last week the families of PHS were no exception as students were given three days away from school spanning from April 19-21.

Three PHS teachers were asked what they intended on doing over the Easter weekend, and the answers were as varied and interesting as the teachers themselves. Advisory teacher Kim Dyar said, “My kids and I will color Easter eggs on Thursday, on Saturday I’ll go out to dinner with my family and to two community Easter egg hunts, and on Easter I will eat breakfast with my kids, go to church, and have lunch after hosting our family Easter egg hunt.”

Others teachers plans were more modest. U.S Studies teacher Joshua Burns said, “I’m going to hang out with family and friends this weekend. Get some things done around my house. Poor weather forecast is limiting my options!” French teacher Barbara Woolley originally taught in Florida and her family is spread across the country. She said, “My husband and I will be traveling this weekend. Our family is in California and Florida, so we will not see them.”

While the Easter celebration has become more commercialized in the past few decades, it has always been irrevocably linked with church and Christianity. When asked if religion played a role in how she celebrates Easter, Dyar said, “I am a semi-religious person who goes to church several times a year. My faith relates to how I celebrate Easter because it is what gets me to go to church on Easter Sunday to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.”

Other teachers while less invested in the religious context of the day still enjoyed the familial bonds of the holiday.

“No, I am not particularly religious. But I do appreciate the time with family and friends. It is always a nice, peaceful weekend,” said Burns. Woolley said, “I’m not really religious, but I appreciate others beliefs in the holiness of the day.”

Traditions are really the chains that connect everyone during the holidays. When asked if she had any traditions in how she celebrates Easter, Dyar said, “My family has many traditions for Easter. We color eggs a day or two ahead that will be hidden in the yard by the Easter Bunny. We go to at least one community Easter egg hunt every year. I have at least one meal with my family on Easter and my kids have an Easter egg hunt on Easter after they open the presents in their Easter basket on Easter morning.”

When asked the same question, Burns said, “We always have Easter dinner at my parents and then with my wife’s huge family. We always have Easter egg hunts for the kids.”

Woolley said, “When I was younger [and even with my own kids] the Easter Bunny would hide and fill baskets around the house.”

By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals Staff Writer