Restaurant inspections

March 29

• Tipp City Foodtown, 960 W. Main St., Tipp City — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

April 1

• Subway, 15 S. Dorset Road, Troy — Critical: At the time of inspection, the establishment was without an employee health policy and, in a verifiable manner, the employees’ responsibility to report their health information. Obtain employee health policy, go over with employees and document.

Corrected during inspection, critical: In the drive-through prep area, one container of meatballs and one container of chicken breast were observed holding at 99 degrees F. Upon making the PIC aware of this, both containers of food were discarded.

In the dirty dish area, the food scoops and then on the bottom shelf of the prep table, the lid storage container were both observed with food debris build-up. Remove the utensils and lids from their storage containers and clean the storage containers.

Repeat: Multiple food scoops were observed without end caps. Also, the herb sorter was observed with cracks. Replace.

The following non-food contact surfaces were observed with food debris build-up: 1. The back surfaces of the front counter cookie holder 2. The internal bottom surface of the front reach-in cooler 3. The internal surfaces of the bread holder or proofer. 4. The internal top surface of the drive thru microwave 5. The shelves above the drive-thru prep station 6. The drive through soda fountain nozzles (inside surfaces) 7. Bottom inside surface of the back reach-in freezer — ensure the above surfaces are frequently clean.

The floors under pieces of equipment throughout the facility were observed with food debris build-up. Clean. The wall behind the three compartment sink was observed with a mold-like substance build-up. Clean.

Comments: Not only was a standard inspection conducted, but also a complaint inspection. At the time of inspection, all vegetables were observed holding at the proper temperature and date marked. Did not observe bare-hand contact with food items and discussed bare-hand contact with the person in charge. All chemicals are stored separate from food and food contact surfaces. Person in charge also stated she hasn’t had any employees who had been recently ill.

• Fazoli’s No. 1715, 1887 W. Main St., Troy — Employee eating, drinking, or using tobacco in non-designated area. Observed employee beverage stored on fountain soda machine above ice well. No soap at hand-washing sink(s). Observed hand sink by drive through window was without hand soap

No written procedures for time as a public health control. Observed pre-made pizzas on a speed rack in the kitchen outside of temperature control. Person in charge was using time as a public health control with no written procedure Observed single use to-go items stored uncovered and not inverted by the drive through window

Nonfood-contact surfaces constructed of unapproved materials. Observed exposed wood in the following locations that need to be painted or sealed and made smooth and easily cleanable and non-porous and nonabsorbent: Wood boards in mop sink area, wood board under hand sink by drive through, wood board on wall behind mechanical dish machine.

Fixed equipment not properly sealed or spaced for cleaning. Observed the following pieces of fixed equipment need to be resealed to the wall: 3 compartment sink, hand sinks and pasta cooker.

Critical: Water source and/or hot water capacity not sufficient. Observed no cold water at hand sink by the mop sink. Person in charge stated they have a work order in to have this repaired.

Critical: Insufficient air gap between the flood rim and the water supply inlet. Observed both drain lines for the fountain soda machines in the lobby are not properly air gapped.

Facility not maintained clean. Observed residual food debris and dust/dirt accumulation in the following areas: dry storage area by back door. Observed cobwebs in ceiling corners and food debris under shelving, including old pasta behind the pasta cooker and under/behind shelving in walk in cooler/freezer.

Floors, walls, and/or ceilings not smooth and easily cleanable. Observed missing ceiling tiles in kitchen above 3 compartment sink. Also, the ceiling tiles above the hot holding wells in the kitchen area are flaking and no longer smooth and easily cleanable and need replaced

Observed no supply of hand cleaning liquid, powder or bar soap at the hand-washing sink(s).

• Arbogast Buick Pontiac GMC, Inc., 3540 S. County Road 25-A, Troy — Food equipment surfaces not cleaned at required frequency. Observed mold growth on the inside of the ice machine. Increase cleaning frequency to prevent these accumulations.

April 2

• Lilia’s Outside Cafe, mobile food service operation — No violations at time of inspection.

• Coldwater Cafe, 19 E. Main St., Tipp City — No violations at time of inspection.

• The Olive Oasis, 7 E. Main St., Troy — Outer opening not protected. Observed gap above back door where light could be seen. Door is not tight fitting. No protective shielding on lights. Observed unshielded fluorescent tube lights in the kitchen area that were unshielded.

April 3

Ullery Concession, LLC, 7960 Frederick Garland Road, Union, mobile food service operation — No violations at time of inspection.

Inspections provided by the Piqua Health Department

• Taco Bell, 1234 E. Ash St., Piqua — The pop nozzle at the drive through window and in dining room needs cleaned, as well as food containers. Keep food contact surface properly cleaned. Observed cracker, broken food containers. Discard. Ensure all food contact surfaces are washed, rinsed and sanitized thoroughly. Be sure date marking is easily related to product.

• Buffalo Wings & Rings, 989 E. Ash St., Piqua — Observed raw fish above cooked chicken in walk-in. Keep raw meats below cooked items to prevent cross contamination. Provide thermometer for wing and chicken refrigerator.

The following items need to be washed, rinsed and sanitized in refrigerator below grill, chip warmer, soup area and food containers.

• Family Dollar Store, 633 W. High St., Piqua — Three containers of Simply Orang orange juice on shelt at room temperature marked “Keep Refrigerated.” If marked, must be kept below 41 degrees F to prevent bacterial growth. Discarded.