Commissioners honor county employees

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Commissioners, county department heads and elected officials recognized the dedication of their employees at Miami County Municipal Court on Friday.

Miami County Commissioner Greg Simmons, a former county employee himself, opened the ceremony by thanking the employees for their service, contributions and dedication to Miami County.

“We are very, very fortunate and blessed here in this county to have an innovative, creative workforce where the departments, the agencies and the employees work together in order to serve our county,” Simmons said. “I just want to say a sincere thank you for your contribution you have made to the county and thank all of you dedicated and valued employees on (behalf) of the Miami County Commissioners.”

Various department heads and officials gave various praise for their employees which were honored for their service and/or dedication that went above and beyond their duties.

The following employees were recognized for 30 years of service: Scott Moyer, Auditor/Real Estate; Beth Sweitzer, Clerk of Courts; Loreen Weaver, Children’s Services; Dennis Ventura, Engineer/Tax Map; Mark Yantis, Municipal Court; Steven Layman, Public Defender; Alan Decker, Riverside; and James Via, Riverside DD.

The following employees were recognized for 25 years of service: Angela Hubbard, Auditor/IT; Julie Tipton, Children’s Services; Vicki Cain, Job and Family Services; Melinda Northup, Juvenile Court; Mary Solomon-Ames, Miami County Public Health; Hallie Whitley, Miami County Public Health; Shawn Ray, Maintenance; Jennifer Ventura, Municipal Court; Robert Sage, Sanitary Engineering; Kaye Sholtis, Riverside; Julia Williams, Riverside; Beverly Shaffer, West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility.

The following employees were honored with special recognition for their service: Kendall Fritz, Communication Center; Stacy Scott, Commons Pleas Court; Chelsea Syphrit, Job and Family Services; Sara Welty, Job and Family Services; Krystal Burgei, Juvenile Court; Sara Gregg, Juvenile Court; Lorri Swink, Juvenile Court; Mary Siegel, Juvenile Court; Hannah Parshall, Juvenile Court; Terra Homan, Juvenile Court; Becky Householder, Juvenile Court; Catherine Peoples, Juvenile Court; Dawn Putney, Juvenile Court; Nicole Rodriguez, Juvenile Court; Elizabeth Harshbarger, Juvenile Court; Stephanie Henning, Juvenile Court; Krista Hoying, Juvenile Court; Megan Landis, Juvenile Court; Diane Long, Juvenile Court; Brady Schnitzler, Juvenile Court; Tiffany Snider, Juvenile Court; Gloria Kearnes, Public Transit; Jade Downey, Public Transit; Beth Adkins, Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services; Marcus Dixon, West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility; Linda Story, West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility; Bev Schaffer,West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation/Detention.

By Melanie Yingst

Miami Valley Today