Big bribes for big colleges

For most colleges, admission to get in for students means, having a certain GPA, good attendance, good SAT or ACT scores, and many good personal activities that make you stand out. For some people, money is the option for them. While their are other kids who actually work hard to get where they need to be, other kids get there way bought into colleges like, Yale and Stanford, The University of South Carolina, Georgetown University, and UCLA. Parents are able to do this with the help of just one person and $500,000 later.

It all started with a family, who did not trust their son to type of his essay by himself and ace it. Within the essay colleges could tell somethings did not make much sense and could tell the words were not really his own. The justice department announced that many parents included big time actresses bribed and paid for their kids to get selected into ivy league colleges, like Lori Loughlin, but for what reason? Just to say your kid went to a high popular college? Parents and coaches are being charged and put in jail while colleges admission had nothing to do with this or had any idea of what was going on. The University of South Carolina has taken charge of the situation, they are using the extra bribed money for scholarships and, if caught cheating on the admissions test, like six kids were caught doing, they would be denied admissions. Most of the universities that have been affected by this, have put many new things in place to prevent this from happening again.

What kind of message does this send to the kids of the parents that paid their way into college, or the kids who actually worked hard to get into these colleges? For the kids that the parents bought their way into college it teaches their kids that they can not do anything for themselves and that they will get anything they want in life with money even though money is not everything. Other kids work hard for what they want because their parents did not buy it for them. As for being one of the kids who parents never bought anything for me and has to pay for my own college this is all very frustrating. How is it fair that other kids get whatever they when others have to work and study hard to get where they need to be because their family is not rich, and their parents never bought their way into college. I do think people should be charged and punished for this, and I am glad with the way they have handled the whole situation. I believe getting into colleges should be based on ACT or SAT scores and your GPA and extracurricular activities, because that can truly show what potential a student can show at a university and if they truly deserve to be there.

By Kathern Ellish

Guest columnist

Kathern Ellish is a student at Edison State Community College.