Reader against proposed gun law

To the Editor:

Ohio House Bill 174 was recently introduced, which will allow anyone over 21 to carry a hidden gun without obtaining a conceal carry permit. This law would also include concealed long guns and shotguns.

The current law requires obtaining a permit from the county sheriff’s office upon passing a criminal background check and completing eight hours of training.

This law, if passed, would repeal a current requirement that conceal carry owners notify police officers they are carrying a gun when stopped.

Update on gun violence incidents in Ohio for 2018: 594 deaths; 1,368 injuries; 33 mass shootings (four or more killed or injured); 33 children killed or injured (ages up 11 years old); 137 children ages 12 to 17 killed or injured. (

Citizens of Ohio, do we really want this law? Columbus and our representatives have a way of passing these laws, and no one seems to know about it until after the fact.

What a coincident when a person reaches legal drinking age in Ohio, they can also pack a hidden weapon. A quote from a representative from Cincinnati: “I’m sure all these weapons will be carried by law-abiding citizens who just want to protect themselves.”

Unfortunately, our newly elected representative from our district is a co-sponsor to this bill. What a shame.

— George Riegle