Man was not always around to cause ‘global warming’

To the Editor:

This is a response to the op-ed by Mr. Tim Ball in the Miami Valley Today on March 20 titled “Sun dominates climate change.”

I am sure that the idea of contributing to “global warming” has been around before this article. It sounds plausible, especially when many, many years ago many parts of the Earth were covered with glaciers thousands of feet thick and then disappeared (melted?). Recently I visited Alaska, Glacier Bay, where they said the ice was at least 4,000 feet thick. Looking at the bay where the glaciers used to be, something, and not man, had to cause the glaciers to melt.

“Man” was not around to cause “global warming” then. I am sure that the EPA and UN unit on environment control do not accept or even recognize the “sun spot” idea. That would throw all their efforts to blame it all on “man” and the USA into a “tizzy.”

Now I am not saying that we (collectively) do not contribute somewhat to the warming of the Earth, but as I recall, I was taught somewhere (in school) that the Earth has had a series of global warming and cooling (and again when “man” was not here.)

We even had the glaciers covering at least over part of Miami County and all the way down to Moraine and they were gone long before this area was occupied by us.

— James R. O’Donnell