Class Act: Deputy serves as East SRO

CASSTOWN — When Miami County Sheriff’s Office Deputy and School Resource Officer Roger Davidson isn’t patrolling the halls at Miami East Local Schools, you’ll likely find him sitting in a tiny chair reading to kindergartners or educating older students on bullying and the dangers of drugs.

A graduate of Milton-Union, Davidson has been a deputy with the sheriff’s office since 2000. He started his career as a police officer in the village of West Milton and Bradford. Prior to being an SRO, Davidson worked third-shift patrol for the sheriff’s department.

“It’s a rewarding job. I had a lot of friends work at the sheriff’s office when I was in West Milton, so I was around them all the time,” Davidson said. “I like seeing the kids change and talking to the kids. When they first see you, they are like ‘Oh, great.’ When they see you outside here they’ll run up and talk to you.”

It is his second year as a school resource officer. Davidson was employed half-time with Milton-Union Schools last year.

“I like working with the kids,” Davidson said. “It’s a lot different job than working the road. You feel more like a counselor here. It’s more rewarding to work with the kids and see how they change. It’s just a different all-around job.”

Davidson, who also coaches tennis at Milton-Union High School, was a substitute teacher — “usually for kindergartners” — before being employed as a full-time SRO. He recently was awarded a grant from the Troy Foundation to bring the “Arrive Alive — Distracted Driving Simulator” to Miami East High School this spring.

“It’s a car with screens on the windshield so they get the real feel of the car when they sit in it and it’s hooked up to a computer,” Davidson said. Students will rack up tickets for their various violations through different scenarios like texting and driving, and driving under impairment.

Davidson also started an after-school Crime Scene Investigators Club for fifth- and sixth-grade students, which was one of his goals when he began as the full-time SRO.

The club is popular among students, who shared how they like to watch crime shows like “CSI” and “Forensic Files” at home. The club has approximately 26 students who meet once a week for an hour and a half after school. The CSI Club shows students how law enforcement uses science, math, technology and logic in their field in a variety of ways from measuring speed for traffic accidents to DNA and fingerprints and other technical aspects of general law enforcement work.

Davidson enlists help from fellow deputies to share their field expertise with students throughout the after-school club’s sessions.

When he’s not coaching on the tennis courts or teaching students the fine art of investigation after school, Davidson enjoys woodworking, including making a stand for Miami East’s safety patrol equipment, as well as art tables and princess dress closets for his granddaughters.

Davidson is married to wife Sally and is the father of five children and grandfather of three granddaughters.

For more information, follow SRO Davidson on Twitter @SRODavidson or visit

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Deputy Roger Davidson of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office works with Abby Maxson, a sixth-grader, at Miami East during a CSI class recently at the school. Roger Davidson of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office works with Abby Maxson, a sixth-grader, at Miami East during a CSI class recently at the school.
Davidson provides full-time presence on campus

By Melanie Yingst

Miami Valley Today