Reader tired of Trump’s mess

To the Editor:

Trump once again showed what kind of man he is in the Cohen hearings. A liar, cheat, con man, racist and is the worst president we have ever had without a doubt. Now the Dems are looking into the two year preceding before their taking over the house and doing what GOP failed to do over site of Congress. Which is called for in the constitution over site. They’re crying about the Democrats of witch hunting when they’re only doing what GOP failed to do in previous two years.

In passing the tax cut, they did something historical. They did, but the tax cut as written would benefit the higher-income households. Households making $1 million or more would get an average tax cut of $69,660, a 3.3 percent boost in after tax income. Compare that with the tax cut $870 pt 1.6 for the average household earning $50,000-$75,000.

Persons earning $10,000 would receive $10. That would go up depending on your wages earned. The shutting down of GM’s Lordstown and five other plants, affecting an estimated 15,000 workers and a poor jobs report in February of adding 20,000 jobs well below expectations sort of puts Trump plan of adding jobs off to a bad start.

We have had two years of President Trump’s lies and his cozying up to Putin and the North Korean leader. Time to cut our loses before we get in real trouble. We have had enough of Trump.

— Jack Caulfield