PHS spring break approaching

PIQUA — Spring Break is a vacation period celebrating the arrival of spring at many schools; originally is was known as “Spring Vacation.” Fort Lauderdale became a popular destination when college male swimmers arrived to practice there over their college break. Spring Break is often extensive gatherings in warm climate areas such as Daytona Beach, Florida and Cancun Mexico.

Piqua High School students will have Spring Break on March 25-31. Students at PHS were interviewed and asked what their plans were for this Spring Break and how long they believe Spring Break should last.

Junior, Baylee Behr said she will be staying with family at a lodge this Spring Break. “Spring Break should be about a week long,” Behr stated.

Sophomore, Kameron Darner said he will be going to Chicago this break, and he wishes Spring Break was three weeks long. “Students need a break from school and the end of the school year pressure,” said Darner.

Sophomore, Colton Curtis plans on going swimming with friends this break and wishes Spring Break was two weeks long. He said, “One week for break is just too short.”

By Asia Burge

Smoke Signals Staff Writer