Board OKs candidate’s appeal

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Board of Elections accepted an appeal from a candidate and set a date for board reorganization.

The board accepted an appeal from John Schweser, whose petition to appear on the May primary ballot was rejected at the board’s last meeting. Schweser, who is seeking reelection to Troy City Council’s Third Ward seat, submitted 31 signatures, but only 22 were validated. Schweser needed 25 signatures.

At that time, Deputy Board of Elections Director Ian Ridgeway said a number of people printed their names rather than using signatures that matched the ones on file with the Board of Elections.

Attorney Jose Lopez, speaking on Schweser’s behalf, provided affidavits from the individuals whose signatures were non-conforming on Schweser’s candidate petition.

“I want you to know I have no quarrel with your initial determination because at that point, all you’re looking at is what you’ve got,” he told the board. “But the Supreme Court has determined that you go one step further … and if we prove that the signatures are genuine, which we have, at this point it’s time to certify his petition and let him go on the ballot.”

The board confirmed that the signatures with affidavits would put Schweser within the numbers he needed to successfully file his candidate petition.

“You’re back on the ballot, sir,” Chairman Dave Fisher said.

The board tabled the allocation of the number of voting machines and paper ballots needed for the May primary for further discussion.

The board will meet at 5 p.m. on March 6, for its reorganization meeting. Jim Oda will start his term, taking board member Ryan King’s seat, as King’s term expires at the end of February.

The Miami County Republican Party Central Committee nominated Oda, who is the director of the Piqua Public Library.

“Mr. King, it’s been a pleasure, it really has. We’ve bantered back and forth a few times, it’s been fun. But I appreciate your service,” Fisher said.

Schweser to appear on May ballot

By Cecilia Fox

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