Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Feb. 9

WARRANT: Deputies responded to the 6700 block of Walnut Street, Bethel Twp., for a disturbance. After investigation, Amber “Rutt” Miller was arrested for an active warrant out of Lawrence County.

OVI: A deputy cited Loretta Spurgeon, 48, of Troy, for OVI of BAC of 0.139, open container and expired license in the area of Piqua-Troy Road.

ASSAULT: A deputy cited Levi Adkins, 24, of Troy, with misdemeanor assault at the IF.

Feb. 10

BRIBERY: A deputy was dispatched in reference to a reckless operation complaint. The vehicle and driver were located a short distance away at Boone Drive, Troy. The driver, Zachariah Spade, 32, of Troy, was subsequently taken into custody and incarcerated for OVI, OVI refusal, driving under suspension and third-degree felony bribery.

AUTO THEFT: A deputy responded to the 2400 block of South County Road 25-A, Concord Twp., for a theft complaint. It is reported a dark blue 2011 Ford Fusion was stolen out of the driveway at this address. The vehicle was last seen around 6 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019. The vehicle will be entered as stolen.

POSSESSION: Tremayne Montgomery, 23, of Dayton, was cited for misdemeanor possession of drugs.

DISRUPTING PUBLIC SERVICES: A deputy cited Joshua Thomas, 37, of Tipp City, with fourth-degree felony disrupting public services in Bethel Twp.

Feb. 11

OVERDOSE: A deputy responded to the 9700 block of Haskett Lane, Dayton, to assist the squad on report of a female overdosing and not breathing. After investigation the female was transported to Huber Medical and a male was arrested for warrants.

ASSAULT: A deputy cited Kelsey Morrison, 27, of Troy, with misdemeanor assault.

DISRUPTING PUBLIC SERVICES: A deputy cited Craig Kinnison, 47, of Beavercreek, with fourth-degree felony disrupting public services in the 300 block of Dogwood Drive, Troy.

Feb. 12

ABANDONED VEHICLE: A Big Mike’s employee, in the 8500 block of State Route 201, Bethel Twp., reported a vehicle was abandoned in the parking lot for two weeks. The owner said he would have it removed when it initially broke down, but has not returned. The employee said she has recently attempted to call for a tow company to remove it, but was told she is not a high priority for their response. She requested my assistance in its removal. The deputy was unable to find contact information for the owner. The vehicle is a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix parked with a tire block to keep it from rolling, apparently mechanically inoperable, and bearing an expired Ohio registration. Jim’s Towing was contacted for its removal.

PARKING COMPLAINT: Newton Local School Superintendent Pat McBride informed SRO Karn of vehicles belonging to Mrs. B’s catering, parked on the school’s property. McBride informed the deputy he has addressed this with them in the past, however they still are parking on the school’s property. He sent them a certified letter on Feb. 8, informing them the vehicles needed to be moved by Feb 15. McBride indicated if they were not moved by this date, they would be towed at their expense. On today’s date the school received a receipt stating Mrs. B’s received the letter. McBride asked for a report stating the steps the school has taken in this matter.

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to 7300 S. State Route 202 on the report of a theft. A purse with a credit card and $1,000 was reported stolen. This case is pending.

Feb. 13

SCHOOL ISSUE: The SRO at Upper Valley Career Center charged a 17-year-old student with possession of of a electronic cigarette.

Feb. 14

POSSESSION: A deputy investigated suspicious activity in the 1400 block of Croydon Drive, Troy. Two males were charged with possession of methamphetamine.

THEFT: A resident in the 4600 block of State Route 571, Bethel Twp. reported a dirt bike and two GoPro cameras were stolen overnight.

OVI: A traffic stop was conducted and the driver Jason Centliver was charged with OVI and driving under suspension.

Feb. 15

TRAFFIC STOP: A deputy initiated a traffic stop in the 7000 block of State Route 201, Tipp City. The male driver was charged with possession of marijuana and driving under suspension. Felony drug charges are pending.