PCS to promote levy

PIQUA — The Piqua City Schools Board of Education is proposing a Permanent Improvement levy to support improvements to older buildings in the district.

The older buildings in the district include Piqua High School (1980), Piqua Junior High School (1999), and Alexander Stadium (2001). Superintendent Dwayne Thompson said, “The passage of this levy is vital to fiscal health and our ability to protect and maintain the investments citizens have made in our community’s school buildings and grounds.”

The school district was able to eliminate 2.2 mills of school taxes by refinancing the Piqua Junior High school bond issue, saving $865,034.30. This allowed them to pay off the bond issue early. The result of this action will allow for a reduction of property taxes even if the levy passes. Thompson says a house valued $100,000.00 would have to pay 30 cents a day in property taxes for the school district to complete much needed work on the aging buildings.

The unit “mill” is used in expressing the rate of property taxes in Ohio. A mill is one-tenth of a cent, 0.1 cents, in cash terms.

By supporting this levy, residents will be providing the funding necessary for the Piqua City School district to update older buildings with basic needs, provide new safety features, and maintain an efficient bus fleet.

The levy will be voted on in the May election, and citizens will start seeing a reduction in school taxes in February of 2020.

If the levy fails, it would result in a lack of funds to do important work. Some of the issues the schools are facing will get worse and cost more money to fix later or cause bigger problems that will need to be addressed. More information about the Permanent Improvement levy can be found on www.forpiquaschools.org. Citizens can also contact the superintendent or treasurer of Piqua City Schools.

By Victoria McBride

Smoke Signals Staff Writer