Piqua man sentenced on gun charge

MIAMI COUNTY — Judge Jeannine Pratt sentenced the Piqua man who brought a loaded gun to the Edison State Community College in April to serve nine months in prison in Miami County Common Pleas Court on Thursday.

Evan M. Grissom, 25, of Piqua, entered a plea of guilty to fifth-degree felony possession of a weapon on school property in December.

Grissom also entered a plea of no contest and was found guilty of two counts of third-degree attempted illegal use of a minor in sexually oriented material. He was sentenced to serve nine months on all counts, which will run concurrently with one another.

Judge Pratt said she was concerned Grissom “minimized” the severity of his actions as a “series of mistakes.”

She said Grissom’s actions were “serious and disturbing and unlawful.” Pratt said she would consider early judicial release if he participated in programs. Grissom will serve five years of post-release control upon his release.

Grissom, who was a student in the police academy on campus, apologized to the court, the victim and “to everyone I hurt.” He said he regretted his actions and said “I truly have grown up since this.”

Grissom’s criminal record was reviewed by the court and included disorderly conduct, trafficking drugs, possession of drugs, criminal trespass and a juvenile domestic violence charge. The pre-sentence investigation also determined Grissom expressed no genuine remorse.

As part of a plea agreement with the state, the state will dismiss first-degree misdemeanor menacing by stalking and telecommunication harassment charges. The state also amended the illegal use of a minor in sexually oriented material charges from second degree to third-degree attempted felony charges. As part of the agreement, the state remained silent at sentencing. He was classified as a Tier II sex offender at sentencing. He was granted 10 days of jail credit.

Grissom brought a loaded gun to Edison State Community College’s Piqua campus on April 10. The pistol was found in his bag when Piqua police were investigating him in connection with a menacing by stalking complaint.

Sexually explicit content was reportedly uncovered through a search warrant executed on Grissom’s phone during the investigation.

Grissom allegedly was creating sexually explicit videos involving a 17-year-old victim, according to court records.

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Grissom labelled Tier II sex offender

By Melanie Yingst

Miami Valley Today

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