Child allegedly shot with BB gun

PIQUA — Two local residents are accused of punishing a child by leaving the child in an unheated, detached garage along with shooting the child with a BB gun.

A third party caller reported hearing a child screaming for help and to be let inside because he was cold at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning on the 300 block of Third Street. After an investigation, the Piqua Police Department found the two adults “were locking the child in the detached, unheated, garage as a form of punishment,” according to Piqua Police Department reports.

A male suspect, Richard T. Bryant Jr., 42, of Piqua, was also charged for allegedly shooting the child, who was reportedly 6 years old, with a BB gun because the child urinated his pants.

Bryant was charged with first-degree misdemeanor child endangering and first-degree misdemeanor assault in connection with this incident.

Heather M. Behm, 38, of Piqua, was charged with first-degree misdemeanor child endangering, first-degree misdemeanor obstructing official business, second-degree misdemeanor drug possession, and third-degree felony tampering with dangerous drugs in connection with this incident.

According to Miami County Municipal Court records, Bryant claimed that the mark alleged to have been from a BB gun was actually from a bug bite, but the officer noted that the small red mark on the child did not resemble a bug bite that Bryant had. Behm and Bryant also stated that the child was taking out the trash.

Behm was also charged after she reportedly would not let police speak with the child victim after she “was advised several times” that the officers could speak with the child since he was the victim of a crime. Behm physically restrained the child at one point, according to court records.

When Behm was searched, a clear plastic baggie with blue pills were uncovered. The pills were identified as Valium, a schedule four drug. Behm “stated she did not know what the pills were,” according to court records.

Behm and Bryant were arraigned in Miami County Municipal Court on Monday.

Endangerment charges filed

By Sam Wildow

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