Board OKs emergency plumbing

MIAMI COUNTY — On Monday, the Miami County Commissioners elected board officers and paid for emergency plumbing work at the Safety Building.

Greg Simmons was voted to serve as president of the board and Jack Evans will serve as vice president. Both terms will last one year.

The commissioners also authorized the payment of $35,530 to Wagner Plumbing and Heating for emergency repair work at the Safety Building.

Last month, the building’s sanitary pit and sanitary floor drain lines clogged and failed; those lines served the public restrooms in the basement and the floor drains in the boiler room. Attempts to clear the line failed and camera footage showed damage to the cast iron pipe in the floor. Because the pipe is buried under 48 inches of concrete floor, it was repaired with poly sleeving.

In other business, the commissioners made appointments to several boards and committees, authorized the payment of dues for the National Association of Counties and Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, and established the 1-cent sales tax formula for the county. The formula includes 77 percent for the general fund, 19 percent for central communications, 2 percent for super fund cleanup and 2 percent for capital improvement.

The board also voted to recognize William Wilhelm for his 14 years of service on the Miami County Children Services Board after he announced his departure from the board.

By Cecilia Fox

Troy Daily News

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