Lady Indians have record season

PIQUA — The Piqua Indians girls’ basketball team is having a record season that hasn’t been seen since 2000.

Gym teacher Jon Dolph is the new girls’ basketball coach and he said, right now the girls are just past the halfway mark, and all of the coaches are proud of all the hard work everyone has put into being successful.

Dolph said, although they have had some great accomplishments, one of the biggest improvements they need to work on is getting healthy. He and the other coaches are very excited because all of the girls have great talent and are willing to put forth the effort to be great.

Dolph explains, “Unfortunately we don’t get any accolades for mid-season success. The old cliché, it’s not how you start but how you finish rings true.” As said, all of the coaches are extremely happy and excited for the Lady Indians basketball team, but there is still a lot of work to be done and many games ahead.

The next girls’ basketball game is Jan. 19. It’s located at Fairborn High School, and starts at 1:30 p.m. “We still have some time to get healthy and prepare for the last stretch of our season,” Dolph added.

By Victoria McBride

Smoke Signals staff writer