Troy man charged with abduction, GSI

MIAMI COUNTY — Troy Police Department has charged Donnie King Jr., 46, of Troy, with third-degree felony abduction and fourth-degree felony gross sexual imposition from an assault of a Troy woman reported on Jan. 8.

According to Miami County Municipal Court records, King’s bond was set for $20,000 for both charges.

According to Troy Police Department records, on Jan. 7, the woman was at a friend’s home when King stopped by. She said she accepted a ride to work from King and another man. The woman then claimed the subjects drove her to King’s residence in the 100 block of Canal Street and the other subject left.

The victim stated King began drinking and ran bath water and wanted her to take a bath. She claimed King kept his hands on her shoulders much of the time in his home. She also claimed King sexually assaulted her, shoving his hands in her pants four or five times throughout the incident.

The victim also allegedly claimed King wouldn’t allow her to leave or text other people until several hours later. She alleged King wouldn’t let her call or use her phone to leave his home. She said she walked back to her friend’s home and King followed her, shouting at her that he would make her his wife.

An officer noted that King had signs of methamphetamine use when they were interviewing him about the incident before he was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

King was arraigned on the charges on Friday.

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By Melanie Yingst

Troy Daily News