Beagle’s ‘flip flop’ on Heartbeat Bill

To the Editor:

Senator Beagle voted for the Heartbeat Bill in the Senate Health Committee and voted “yes” on the Senate floor to pass the bill. However, Governor Kasich then vetoed the Heartbeat Bill.

When a vote was taken to override the governor’s veto, only 20 “yes” votes were needed.

Nineteen senators voted to override the veto and when your “pro-life” vote really counted, you flip-flopped and voted “no.” Your one very important traitorous vote killed the override. Your excuse was that you have a “higher standard for a bill to pass.” There were 20, 892 babies aborted in Ohio in 2017, and your standard was higher than their innocent lives! You killed a bill that would have saved many innocent lives. That is “Heartless.”

You ran for Miami County Commissioner and won. But I guess that was also below your standards since you quit before even starting. Perhaps your standards are shaded by your relationship with Kasich and influenced by your new job with Ohio’s Treasurer-Elect Robert Sprague. Maybe your standard is all about what’s best for Bill Beagle and not the people that voted for you.

Let’s hope that our new governor and legislators have the integrity to pass the Heartbeat Bill again in January as we remember the atrocities started by Roe vs. Wade.

— David Enneking

President, Miami County Right to Life