‘Finding Furrever Homes” — a project by Concord second graders

TROY — Over the last four weeks, second graders at Concord Elementary School have worked together toward a noble goal — increasing the rate of animal adoption at local shelters.

This is called a problem-based learning lesson,” said second grade teacher Kristi Ward. “The point of it is to create a learning environment where the students lead the project, and brainstorm some kind of problem that we want to solve. They voted on helping the community solve the problem of overpopulated animal shelters and foster homes.

“The point of the lesson is to create an authentic situation, and the kids thought of it all.”

Ward’s second graders conducted research on Chromebooks, contacted various local shelters for information, and created a Facebook page to promote the project.

Students went on to design posters promoting their project, which will be displayed in various businesses throughout the Troy area.

For more information on the project, visit Puppy Power and Kitty Cuteness — Finding Furrever Homes on Facebook.